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What is OSHA compliance training: How to get started

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) aims to protect workers from hazards in the workplace. Its core mission is to enforce standards and provide health and safety training to protect employees from occupational injuries, death, and illness. OSHA requires employers to ensure that their workplace is safe and that their teams know how to identify, prevent, correct, and mitigate hazards. To obtain an OSHA safety certification, your workplace must meet OSHA’s training requirements

What is OSHA compliance training?

The official training compliance policy of OSHA indicates that an employer must train employees in everything they need to know to safely do their jobs. It sounds simple, but it involves making sure that your staff receives the right OSHA compliance training course that is relevant to their on-the-job responsibilities. Workers require training in standards that apply to their environment and duties, and supervisors require training in all standards for everyone they’re overseeing.

Osha Training requirement

What are OSHA’s training requirements?

The exact OSHA compliance training requirements are deliberately vague by design. This forces employers to think about the true training requirements of each employee. The vagueness also allows OSHA to evaluate compliance according to the unique circumstances of the case and ultimately rule in favor of worker safety without being restricted by loopholes.

There are over 100 training courses mandatory for compliance. OSHA also requires training to be available in a language and in a manner that is easily understood by the worker. 

How frequently is OSHA compliance training required?

Different training programs have different frequency requirements, but most have to be done at least once a year. However, some circumstances may require more frequent refreshers or follow-up courses, particularly when:

  • There are new hazards in the workplace
  • Policies, procedures, and standards have changed in a way that can affect safety training
  • Individual performance indicates that training was misunderstood or inadequate

Any safety training related to non-prescribed topics must be repeated as often as needed to help workers recognize and address relevant safety and health threats.

Choose Osha training

How do you choose  the right OSHA outreach course?

To choose the right OSHA compliance training, take note of your industry and find the appropriate level, which is either 10-hour or 30-hour. A 10-hour course is typically for entry-level workers and anyone without supervisory responsibilities. The goal is to cover workers’ protections and rights and broadly applicable safety topics for the specific industry.

Meanwhile, 30-hour training courses are for managers and supervisors, including engineers, forepeople, site leads, safety specialists, and project managers. Some additional hours may provide OSHA safety certification for additional safety topics.

Impact Safety offers OSHA compliance training to businesses in all fields and industries. We’re looking forward to helping you and your team reduce risk and create a compliant and safe work environment.

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