Fall Protection Awareness

Impact Safety offers a range of fall protection training courses, including Fall Protection Awareness, Fall Protection Competent Person Training, and 24-Hour Competent Person for Fall Protection course.

According to OSHA, falls generate the greatest level of fatality among job hazards. This is why strict standards must be observed when it comes to fall protection awareness in workplaces and job sites.

Fall protection training not only protects the safety and wellbeing of your employees but also saves businesses a whopping $170 billion each year in medical and even more money from compensation claims. As much as 14% of all fall accidents turn fatal. On average more than 2 deaths happen daily because of fall accidents in the workplace.

Fall Protection Awareness is a half-day course aimed at teaching students how to work safely in an environment where the potential for fall hazards is present. The course will teach students how to identify fall hazards and prepare them to keep both them and others away from fall accidents and related injuries.

Any person who may be exposed to such dangers in the workplace needs this course. While certification for fall protection awareness doesn’t expire, it is recommended that students take up fall protection refresher training at least every 3 years to keep up to date with developments in standards and procedures regarding fall protection.

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