Fall Protection Competent Person Training

Falls are one of the leading causes of workplace death in the U.S. Any time an employee is working at a height of 6 feet or more, that employee needs to be equipped with proper protective equipment and adhere to the best fall protection practices. OSHA has mandated that a competent person has to remain present at every job site to ensure that employees work under safe conditions.

Fall Protection Competent Person Training ensures that a student will receive all of the proper training under OSHA competent person fall protection training. This course is intended for site supervisors who are authorized to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate hazards.

The one-day fall protection training course covers the following: 

  • Identify existing and predictable fall hazards in the work environment.
  • Knowledge and skills to perform annual inspections, record keeping, and preventive measures to keep a site safe and compliant.
  • Certification issued upon successful completion.
  • Certificate will expire after one year. The course must be taken annually, beginning one year after initial certification is received.

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