First Aid/CPR/AED

On average, the response time for initial responders following a 911 call is between 8 and 12 minutes—a significant amount of time for the situation to escalate to an even more intense emergency. For each minute that emergency response is delayed, a victim’s chance of survival is reduced. This is why taking up First Aid, CPR, and AED training is crucial especially in workplace settings. A few short hours of training are nothing compared to life-long skills gained that can save another person’s life in case emergency strikes.

At Impact Safety, students have a choice of two First Aid, CPR, and AED training, including a one-day course for a response to first aid emergency and a 40-Hour first responder course for individuals tasked to provide emergency care before an injured person gets more intensive medical attention.

Impact Safety’s one-day First Aid/CPR/AED course covers training for first aid response for common emergencies like burns, cuts, head/back/neck injuries, and other life-threatening emergencies like breathing difficulties and cardiac situations. Students are taught how to use automated external defibrillators—a vital skill in case of medical emergencies.

The 40-hour first responder training course, on the other hand, is an advanced level course offered to people who are typically first on the scene of an emergency, like firefighters, EMTs, and law enforcement.

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