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October 16, 2021
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November 10, 2021

High Angle Rescue Training and Techniques: Get trained from experts

High Angle rescue training

Certain worksites—particularly in the mining, gas, and oil industries—involve activities requiring employees to work on elevated areas. This makes a high-angle rescue team essential, ready to take action in case something goes wrong. Are you training your own staff to do the job? Then it’s important to invest in high angle rescue training for them as part of your risk management protocol.

What is high-angle rescue?

High angle rescue involves recovering and rescuing accident victims in areas involving heights and slopes. This particular OSHA safety training program teaches participants how to efficiently, safely, and quickly transport victims to safer areas where they can get the medical care they need. High angle rescue training is a critical compliance requirement for businesses and locations where elevated rescues may be necessary, such as vessels, silos, mills, elevated platforms, tank farms, skyscrapers, and below-grade vessels.

Confined Space Rescue Training

What are the high angle rescue training and evacuation techniques covered by the training program?

A good high angle rescue training course will provide employees with essential skills for safe, effective, and reliable rescue. It covers techniques such as high angle rope rescue evacuation and training and basic rope rescue techniques. The fundamentals of essential lowering and raising systems, equipment options, safety systems, patient packaging and handling methods, and the use of high lines are all included. This type of OSHA safety training course also covers the following techniques:

                      • Working with a second rescuer to manipulate and lift another trainee
                      • Scenario training exercises to enhance problem-solving skills while under pressure using high-angle rescue equipment
                      • Fulfill challenging rescues under various conditions
                      • Line transfers, rigging, pick-offs, anchor point selection, advantage systems, belaying, and rappelling.

What are the types of high-angle rescue equipment used in the training?

Among the types of equipment used in high angle rescue are advanced pulley systems, offsets, high lines, and constructed frames. High-angle rescue training will also teach students to effectively use the Arizona Vortex bipod, gin pole (monopod), double A-frame setups, V frame, tandem AHDs, and more.

OSHA Construction Safety Regulations

Why is high angle rescue training important?

Every time employees work at high elevations, employers have the legal responsibility to ensure effective rescue in case of an emergency. You can’t always call 911 and expect help to come right away. Knowing how to carry out high-angle rescue can make a difference in saving a life. It also helps your business stay compliant with safety standards.



From where can we get high-angle rope rescue training

Impact Safety offers a wide range of OSHA safety training and certification services and solutions. Among those programs is high angle rescue training, which will provide your employees the skills for reliable, effective, and safe methods of rescuing trapped or injured persons from areas of difficult access or elevated structures.

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