A good safety program should pay for itself, and we can confidently say that our’s does!

- Bill Foster


Safety Consulting Services & Training Center


We believe your life is valuable and worth saving. We can help make workplace safety a top priority for your team and build a lasting safety culture.


Impact Safety works with your team to create a strong safety culture in your workplace. We develop real-world solutions tailored to meet your goals. Our team’s passion for safety expands beyond the classroom. While our consultants are some of the finest safety educators, we know a good safety culture starts in the field. Our hands-on approach to safety creates employee buy-in by keeping them engaged. Our safety consultants provide coaching within your budget that allows you to integrate safety into the work your team does best.

We help our clients meet their production goals and deadlines more efficiently. The return on investment for a properly executed safety program is high:

  • Improved employee morale
  • Decreased insurance premium cost
  • Fewer days away from work
  • Higher employee retention 
  • Fewer production delays
  • Decreased incidents, accidents, and lawsuits
  • Better experience modification rate (EMR) provides more project opportunities 


We provide a safety consultant or team of safety consultants for your specific short-term project, periodic safety check-ups, and to develop, implement, and manage a long-term safety program. Whether we are acting as a consultant to create a plan of action to complete a task safely to joining your team as a full-time safety department, we are passionate about helping you build a company culture focused on safety!

A few of our services:

  • Safety Manual Development 
  • OSHA 300 Log
  • SDS
  • Competent Person consulting on specialized projects (ie. Scaffolding, Excavation, Fall Protection, etc)
  • Safety oversight and management for projects 
  • Toolbox Talks and Safety Meetings
  • Vendor safety pre-qualification forms
  • Risk assessment and compliance sites (ISN, Browz, etc.) 
  • Hazardous waste and Biohazard clean-up consulting
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