40 Hour HAZWOPER Technician

The 40 Hour HAZWOPER technician training as mandated by OSHA is required for any personnel or individual tasked to perform activities that potentially or deliberately expose them to different kinds of hazardous substances. This includes persons working on projects involving uncontrolled hazardous operations as mandated by the US government.

The 40-hour course is further designed for workers involved in emergency response operations, clean-up operations, voluntary clean-up, as well as the storage, disposal, or treatment of dangerous substances and/or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.

Impact Safety’s 40 Hour HAZWOPER technician training is spread through a 5-day course, designed to prepare and train students to identify potential safety concerns and take definitive and offensive measures to contain hazardous waste on a job site. Here, students are presented hands-on scenarios that will help them develop enabling skills for a quick and safe response to accidents and situations that involve hazardous materials. 

Certification for this training is issued upon the successful completion of the HAZWOPER course. Certifications have a one-year validity and technicians are required to go through an 8-hour HAZWOPER refresher course on a yearly basis after receiving initial certification. This is to ensure up-to-date knowledge and skills in dealing with hazardous materials and waste in job sites.

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