Powered Industrial Truck and Lift – Train the Trainer

The OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.178(1) Operator Training requires employers to ensure all their powered industrial truck operators are competent to operate their equipment safely and as demonstrated by successful completion of the required training and evaluation per OSHA regulation. Train the Trainer certification can be earned through various training classes that meet the needs for very specific types of machinery and equipment used in various operational environments. 

At Impact Safety, Train the Trainer Certification for powered industrial truck and lift is offered as a two-day course designed for students to gain the necessary knowledge and certification, along with the materials they will need in order to equip themselves with the right skills and expertise to teach Powered Industrial Truck and Lift Operator course among their colleagues. The course focuses on OSHA training regulations and how they affect your specific company as well as how you can best comply with industry standards.

Various heavy machinery operators would benefit from this certification course, ranging from forklift operator trainers to forklift operators, construction site managers, warehouse, shipping, and receiving managers, safety managers, safety committee members, and operations managers among other members of the workforce that directly or indirectly work with heavy machinery.

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