High Angle Rope Rescue - 1-2 day class

Our training course is designed to provide employees with the skills for reliable, effective, and safe methods of rescuing injured or trapped persons from areas of difficult access or elevated structures. Students will learn life-saving practices and techniques to use when other employees are in danger.

The course covers:

  • High angle rope rescue techniques and evacuation techniques
  • Basic rope rescue techniques
  • Covers the fundamentals of essential raising and lowering systems, equipment options, safety systems, the use of highlines, and patient packaging and handling techniques
  • Lift and manipulate another trainee with a second rescuer
  • Complete challenging rescues under a variety of conditions
  • Perform scenario training exercises to utilize the ability to solve problems under pressure using high angle rescue equipment
  • Covers line transfers, pick-offs, rigging, advantage systems, anchor point selection, rappelling and belaying

Credentials earned: Upon successful completion of the course, participants will earn a certificate verifying successful course completion. The course pairs well with Confined Space Entry & Rescue training.

View our training calendar or call today for registration information.

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