It is MSHA’s (Mine Safety and Health Administration’s) mission to safeguard the health and safety of miners. Their goal is to help mining industry players develop quality training programs and strict standards in order to ensure people’s health and overall safety around mines. MSHA certification forms part of this initiative, along with efforts to modernize training through close collaboration with industry players and stakeholders.

At Impact Safety, MSHA certification courses cover Parts 46 and 48 mines. Impact Safety’s New Miner Course is a 3-day course designed to teach entry-level information about MSHA’s hazard awareness for mining sites. It offers general safety knowledge for working around mining sites—required training for any person engaged in mining operations, whether it be developing, blasting, drilling, extracting, crushing, milling, sizing, or screening materials within a mine. This training is also for maintenance and service workers that work around and on mining equipment frequently or on extended periods, as well as for construction workers exposed to similar hazards. New miners, as well as newly hired experienced miners, are required a minimum of 24-hours of training for basic safety within the first 90 days of their employment.

A refresher training class is also offered and recommended for miners with an MSHA certification to help update their knowledge and skills on MSHA standards and regulations.

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