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June 10, 2020
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August 28, 2020

ANSI Standard on Lift Training


Are you ready? New ANSI requirements for lift training

Does your scissor lift and manlift training meet the new requirements of ANSI A92.24 or are you heading towards a possible citation?
While Mobile Equipment operator training is still mandatory, this requirement now extends beyond operators to include others who will come in contact with Mobile Equipment on the jobsite.

This new requirement separates the mobile equipment into 2 different Groups that are broken down into 3 Types of equipment.

It also requires additional training. Not only is the Operator required to complete training, but all Occupants and even Supervisors have training requirements as well! All training must be delivered by an experienced qualified person.

The training shall include both classroom and practical (hands-on) operation and evaluation. Classroom or online training alone does not meet the requirements!

Self-Closing gates, sensors to reduce the potential for tipping, and increased handrail height are some features that will be added to any new equipment.

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