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5 Ways Workplace Safety Training Can Benefit Your Business

Workplace safety training provides workers with the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs safely. It informs them of the risks and hazards associated with different work activities. It also teaches them how to detect, report, and tackle workplace safety incidents properly.

Specific types of safety training are mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other government regulating bodies. Make sure to provide all applicable OSHA safety training to your workers to stay compliant.

Why do you need safety training in your business?

Every seven seconds—that’s how often workplace injuries occur. It’s your job as a business owner and employer to provide safety training to decrease the risk of injuries and fatalities. Proper training can also reduce your costs while boosting employee satisfaction and improving your brand image.

  1. Prevents lawsuits.

When you have documented proof that your company provided training in safe practices and all necessary protections, you can protect it from legal claims that may be filed by injured employees. Demonstrating that you are not negligent in your responsibilities can significantly limit your risk and liability, minimizing legal disputes and settlement fees.

  1. Increase productivity.

Workers who are injured on the job need to take 8 days off, on average. OSHA safety training can help reduce lost workdays and absenteeism. It helps ensure that your skilled workers stay healthy and able, therefore boosting productivity.

  1. Save money and lower your insurance premiums.

According to OSHA, every $1 invested in providing safety training can save a company $4-$6. Not only that, providing your workers with OSHA safety training can also lower your overall workers’ compensation premium rate.

That’s because workers who know how to do their jobs safely are less likely to get hurt, thereby lowering the chances that you’ll need to file a claim. In fact, some insurance companies will be happy to give you discounts if you have a lower claims cost compared to your competitors. Conversely, if your claims are higher than other companies in your industry, you will likely need to pay higher premiums.

  1. Boost employee satisfaction.

Nobody wants to work for a business that doesn’t care about its staff. Providing workplace safety training shows your workers that you prioritize their health and safety, ultimately boosting their morale and satisfaction.

What’s more, employees who can confidently do their jobs safely are more productive than those who cannot. This is why OSHA safety training builds a better workforce.

  1. Build your company’s reputation.

Workplace safety training also makes your company look good to clients and investors. It may also attract talented employees. In contrast, neglecting your duties to safeguard your employees can ruin your brand’s reputation.

Where can you get workplace safety training?

Impact Safety can help you build a safe and compliant work environment while reducing your risk and protecting your assets. Talk to us today to find out how our real-world safety training programs and consulting services can reduce injuries and accidents in your workplace.

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