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March 23, 2022
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All You Need to Know About National Safety Stand-Down

All You Need to Know About National Safety Stand-Down

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 351 of the 1,008 construction fatalities recorded in 2020 were caused by falls from elevations. These falls continue to be the main cause of death for onsite construction workers. Fortunately, they are also preventable. The National Safety Stand-Down aims to raise awareness of fall hazards in the construction industry across the nation in an effort to put an end to fall fatalities and injuries.

Now in its ninth year, this voluntary event will run May 02- 06. OSHA encourages every workplace to participate in the National Safety Stand-Down by hosting an event which can highlight vital information like Workplace Safety Training, job-specific hazards, how to develop rescue plans, and how to conduct safety inspections.

Employers should use this opportunity to talk with their workers about the importance of on the job safety practices. They should highlight the ways to prevent workplace incidents and educate their employees on fall protection training and the best safety practices. Safety stand-downs continue to grow in popularity because they help address the problems that cause and find solutions for preventing job-site injuries and fatalities. Known as “toolbox talks” these informal discussions can go a long way in removing fall hazards from the workplace.

Tips For Holding a Safety Stand Down

Be Prepared
In order for your Safety Stand Down to be successful you should first designate a coordinator to plan and organize what time the event will occur and where it will be. If you have workers on multiple job sites, identify who you want to lead the stand down on each job site.

Ask Everyone to Participate
It’s important to have everyone, from the top down, attend the stand down. 100% participation results in a much better chance of preventing accidents before they occur.

Develop Presentations or Activities That Will Help Achieve Your Goals
In order for your stand down to be successful, you need to know what information will be best understood by your employees. The presentation should provide information about the company’s expectations, policies, and safety goals as well as easy to understand information on hazards and protective programs. Hands-on activities are a great way for people to learn, so include proper equipment checks and an on-site job walkthrough.

Promote Your Safety Stand-Down
Your stand down won’t be a success if your workers do not feel it is worth their time and effort. Along with providing valuable safety information, offer food, snacks, and refreshments to motivate your employees to pay attention and participate. 

Visual Aids
Every individual learns differently and everyone has different levels of attention. Visual aids are another good way to get the safety message across for a successful stand down. You may want to include photos of improperly used equipment or pictures of injuries to grab their attention. These types of images can have a meaningful impact on people. You can also place these images in various locations on the job site to help keep safety top of mind.

Workplace injuries can not only result in death, they result in detrimental costs to the company as well. Osha safety training and safety stand downs are vital tools in helping to prevent injuries and fatalities in the construction workplace. When workers are aware of the safety hazards, they are much more likely to be aware of them and work to prevent them.

Impact Safety offers a range of fall protection training courses, including Fall Protection Awareness, Fall Protection Competent Person Training, and 24-Hour Competent Person for Fall Protection course.

Any person who may be exposed to fall dangers in the workplace needs to take one or more of these courses. While certification for fall protection awareness doesn’t expire, it is recommended that students take a fall protection refresher training course at least every 3 years to keep up to date with developments in standards and procedures regarding fall protection.

View our training calendar or call today for registration information.

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