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March 23, 2018
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April 18, 2018

OSHA Construction Training – Impact Safety Tips and Advice

EMERSON, Ga.March 30, 2018PRLog — Impact Safety offers safety resources for businesses in all fields looking to create a safe environment for the workforce. Losing an employee to any type of work-related injury or illness can result in financial loss and significant disruption in the workplace – for you, your employees and their families. It can also lead to the loss of productivity, demised workplace morals and harm to your reputation. The OSHA construction safety program fosters a proactive approach to job site hazards to eliminate any workplace injury or illness.One of the main causes of onsite accidents is the failure to identify hazards that are present at the job site. An ongoing process that identifies and assesses these hazards is critical for all safety and health programs.

Impact Safety follows the below guidelines for OSHA construction training for hazard identification and assessment:

• Gather information about the hazards that are present or are likely to be present at the job site
• Frequent inspections of job site to identify any new hazards
• Study the history of accidents and injuries to understand safety program shortcomings
• Identify trends in injuries, illnesses, and hazards and group similar incidents
• For every hazard recognized, determine the likelihood of incidents happening again, and use this information to take proactive steps

Speaking about the OSHA Construction Training, Bill Foster, President at Impact Safety said, “Incorporating safety and health training at the construction site is perhaps the most effective way of protecting your most precious asset: your employees. Our experienced, certified training professionals are equipped with practical experience in workplace safety, OSHA compliance, fire protection, and confined space entry and confined space rescue to help your company reach its safety goals.”

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