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September 7, 2022
7 Fundamentals of an Effective Safety and Health Program
7 Fundamentals of an Effective Safety and Health Program
October 10, 2022

How Misconceptions on Safety and Health Are Stalling Your Growth

How Misconceptions on Safety and Health Are Stalling Your Growth

Misconceptions about workplace safety are common, and can unfortunately cause a significant negative impact on your business. Your employees face potential hazards during work hours regardless of where you operate. Some work locations are obvious, like a construction site, while others, like a grocery store, are often easily overlooked.

Different workplaces face different safety challenges, but there are some basic things that are fundamentally the same. Myths and misconceptions about workplace safety often result in protocols and principles that employees get wrong. These preconceived notions can damage almost every aspect of your business – from public perception and employee retention to financial losses or gains. As a business owner, you need to be aware of the most common myths about workplace safety and learn how to avoid making mistakes that can violate OSHA compliance.

MYTH: Investment in workplace health and safety training is too expensive.

It is a common misconception that safety programs do not offer business owners a return on investment. The exact opposite is actually true. Businesses that invest in workplace safety training, equipment, and barriers reduce avoidable and unnecessary expenses caused by damaged products, accidents, government penalties, administrative expenses, injury compensation claims, and lawsuits – the list goes on. Unsafe work environments are more costly to operate and often result in equipment that is in constant need of repair, unhealthy employees, and low employee morale.

There is no doubt that completion of thorough safety training and implementation of safety programs saves your business time, money, and valuable resources. OSHA certified classes offered by Impact Safety will ensure you and your employees receive the necessary in-depth training required to keep your work environment safe.

MYTH: Accidents will happen no matter what precautions are taken.

Safety isn’t something that just happens as we sit back and watch from the sidelines. This dangerous way of thinking takes accountability away from workers and business owners who feel there is no need to be proactive because “stuff happens”. Employee safety should never be left to chance. A safe work environment requires constant attention to detail, proactive thinking, and constant mindfulness. A majority of accidents happen because an employee is in a hurry or simply not paying attention.

MYTH: My employees know how to protect themselves and stay safe at work without formal training.

There’s an old saying about assumptions that is still used today for a reason. You should never assume what someone does or does not know. Assuming that every employee knows it all is a definite recipe for disaster that can not only hurt you financially, it can endanger lives. 

At Impact Safety, we believe the lives of your employees are valuable and worth saving. Whether you are starting from scratch or fine-tuning an established safety program, we can help you keep your workers safe.

MYTH: We don’t have to worry about workplace hazards in an office.

Workplace hazards come in varying degrees of danger based on the industry and the work requirements. Every workplace – even offices – are subject to injuries, accidents, and illnesses. As a matter of fact, it can be reasonably argued that a sedentary work environment can result in especially dangerous health and safety challenges for inactive employees. Inactivity leads to serious health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and even cancer. A clear understanding of the workplace hazards in your office helps you to promote a healthier work environment for your employees. Employees who are healthy miss fewer days from work, file fewer insurance claims and most importantly, reduce the chances of avoidable accidents.

MYTH: Workplace safety only affects one aspect of my business.

This is an especially damaging misconception for your business because it fails to see the bigger picture. Your employees have lives and loved ones outside of work who will be greatly affected if they are hurt, or worse killed, on the job. Investing in the safety of your employees not only sends a message to your workforce that you care about them, it sends the right message to investors, partners, customers, and affiliates who are closely watching your business. It shows the public that you care about the wellbeing of your employees and has a positive impact on those who wish to do business with you. People notice when you take care of your team, and your reputation benefits as a result.

Impact Safety

When it comes to OSHA compliance and safety training in the workplace, Impact Safety is the comprehensive safety source for businesses in all industries and fields looking to reduce risk, protect assets, and create a safe, compliant work environment. Through hands-on OSHA certified classes and training, consulting, and confined space standby consultation, we provide our clients with the most extensive safety services on the market. All of our employees spend time in the field, not just a training room. Every member of our team has the experience to deliver real-world applicable material that will take your on-going safety program to the next level. Contact an Impact Safety representative today to learn more.

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