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January 24, 2020
Indicators of Fraudulent 3M Personal Protective Equipment
Indicators of Fraudulent 3M Personal Protective Equipment
April 23, 2020
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High Angle Rescue Services: Industrial Applications

High Angle Rescue Services: Industrial Applications

Difficult rescues call for high angle rescue training. When slopes and elevations make it difficult to recover and rescue accident victims, high angle rescue services come in handy as people trained in them know exactly how to efficiently, quickly, and most importantly – safely transport victims to safer ground where they can get immediate medical care that they need. OSHA safety training teaches how to facilitate high angle rescue. This is a critical compliance requirement, especially in locations and businesses that pose the risk of elevated rescues such as silos, vessels, tank farms, elevated platforms, mills, below grade vessels and skyscrapers.

Each time that employees must have to work at high elevations, it is the legal responsibility of the employer or the business owner to provide their employees with an effective rescue means in case of a high angle emergency. Many times, employers forgo high angle rescue training, thinking that it isn’t necessary or that they can always call 911 in case of an emergency. However, knowing how to do high angle rescue can save the life of another. Relying on 911 for high angle emergencies is nowhere near an adequate safety plan and may cause you legal trouble should authorities find out about your non-compliance with safety standards.  

It isn’t enough that your workspace merely features basic safety precautions. When dealing with a facility that poses risk for high angle injuries, proper hazard assessment must be conducted so that ample safety planning and strategies can be put in place. Investing in high angle rescue training is an excellent way to increase workplace safety and develop pre-planned and well-designed responses to all conceivable hazards. Through high angle hazard assessment, competent personnel can identify locations and the integrity of anchor points for rope rescue and pre-rigged pulley systems can be installed to make rescues faster and easier should emergencies occur. These safety precautions are crucial to make sure that immediate response is readily available should an emergency occur.

Impact Safety Systems is a comprehensive resource for OSHA safety training and certification solutions and services. This company serves all industries and businesses aiming to reduce their safety risks, preserve life by creating a safe and compliant environment, and at the same time protect business assets.  Among the many OSHA compliance training opportunities that Impact Safety offers are High Angle Rescue, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Fire Prevention, and more.